Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ok, just an update because I am being pushed out the door so we can head out for a long holiday week with family. It is a good thing as here I would find a ton of things to do and I am tired. We have passed what feels like every flu, virus and cold between us now for most of the month of december. Desperate for some peace from a sniffling nose, achy bones and upset stomach- I willingly subjected myself to the flu shot-- and my intentions were good. Who knew that I was one of the very few people who would get aches, fever, chills and a headache from it. Though if you ask me, that was no ordinary headache, and any time I go to bed at 6:30 in the evening- it's a telltale sign that things are not good.

I am up and moving again 2 days later. Still feeling a bit as though I have been hit by a truck and now I am going to get in a car and drive, then get on a plane with hundreds of people and pray that neither I or DH catch anything else this season.
I hope everyone in blogland has a good holiday whatever it is you are celebrating. Me, I am just looking forward to the time to unplug and connect with family.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Tragic. This is all I can think about today. I got a call from my RE's office -- the doctor passed away recently in a tragic accident. I have been profoundly struck by this death.

It's not just that the doctor passed on- it is that all of the work they did was focused on helping families to create families. I can't begin to imagine the thousands of the lives this person has touched.

As we go through our day how many lives do we touch?

If we connect with an average of 10 people each business day- and we have 260 work days--(give or take some) each year-- then over the space of 10 years we will have touched 26,000 people--now, not all of those people that we touch will be new people every day, nor will the number remain the same every day, etc.. I realize my numbering and calculations are flawed-- and there are millions of variations-I mean the school teachers who work with students and parents impact the lives of hundreds, possibly thousands of students every year. The connection we make with people that impacts us could be a 3 second connection or a lifetime connection. The time span will differ for each connection-- but as I go through my day and I pick up my car from the repair store or I buy stamps at the postoffice or grocery shop-- and I say please, or thank you, or comment on something I notice to another person- or compliment that person-- have I touched them in a way I am unaware, and will it reverberate through their lives and trickle down?

Monday, December 04, 2006

Back in 1987, when I was quite a bit younger than I am now- my family, well, not the entire family, but a large portion of them participated in the harmonic convergence.

Yeah, I know, you have no idea what the harmonic convergence is? I can't say I blame you , my father had to explain it to me - so here it is in a nutshell.

The Harmonic Convergence was supposed to be a global awakening to love and unity through divine transformation. Yup, I know- it does feel as though we have stepped onto the transcendental woo-woo train, but stay with me. According to the Maya prophecies the harmonic convergence was suppose to be the end of the "hell" cycles and the beginning of a new age of universal peace. It was suppose to be a energy shift in the world powerful enough to change the global perspective of man from one of conflict to one of co-operation. Sounds pretty incredible doesn't it?

For my family this consisted of getting up at 0'dark hundred, tromping out to a bluff overlooking the ocean and being together with other people who got up that early and also apparently wanted to watch the sunrise and didn't mind walking along a cliffside in the dark. I know they created a huge chain of people holding hands while the sun rose and they meditated and prayed for a better world.

I saw the pictures in the newspaper the next day, I was not there- I slept in. It wasn't that I didn't believe in the convergence concept- I mean who doesn't long for a world where war, materialism and just plain unfriendliness are gone? Would I get up at 0'dark hundred and tromp out to a cliff in a forested area in the dark if I thought doing so could for a moment end the suffering of people- yeah, sure- why not. On the other hand, who is to say that a culture that believes the world is going to end 12-21-2012 really knows what they are prophetizing. I mean it's not like the Mayan civilization is running the world right now, somewhere along the way- it is possible there was an error in the calculation. But still, doesn't matter, I like to think I come from good stock, my family got up and wandered around a cliffside and looked for peace. They stepped outside of themselves and made a connection.

We do that. Here. I didn't really get the scope of how much we do until I installed statcounter on my website. Meg got me started on it. The first couple of days I checked it, I was just plain fascinated by how many of us are out there. Then I realized we aren't just a handful bloggers writing about our struggles with infertility- we are this amazingly strong community that shares our hopes and strengths and we carry each other when we hit a bump or a bump hits us.

But there is more. There are hundreds of us online that are linked -- like a huge chain of people. While some of us are watching the sunrise, others at the same time are watching it set. Now I don't know about any major energy shifts occurring anytime soon- and I'd like to hope that if one occurs - that it not be linked to the power supply running my little laptop- a little static zap shooting across the universe. But, it hit me today that this is infinitely cool- and it's not just because I know you are all out there- and that you are from everywhere- all walks of life, all countries, all religions and beliefs and all socio-economic structures. It's infinitely cool because we are all connected. Now that I call a harmonic convergence.