Monday, October 30, 2006

Ok, so here is the latest. I have to admit I am alittle suprised by the course that my RE took-- but they have asked me to come in on Friday so I ought to start compiling questions now. First I will give you a bit of back ground so you know where I am in my cycle. I started my stims on saturday the 21st-- and I started spotting for my period on the same day-- my period appeared on the 22nd. My next ultra sound was on the 26th- which would be day 4 of my period-- and day 5 of my stims.
Then I went in for a second u/s today which is day 8 of my period or day 9 of the meds. Today's ultra sound showed 1 follicle on the left side. That's it. Nothing else-- and mind you-- if we are adhere to a normal cycle I am not due to ovulate until sometime next weekend. The RE's office tonite called and told me to stop taking all meds flat. That this is a failed cycle and to come in and see the doctor on friday. Hmm, I ought to be ovulating that day. The nurse that called said that I am not responding to the meds after being on them for 9 days... so here is my question to you-- can I make follies while I am having my period-- how exactly does that work?

Friday, October 27, 2006

So yesterday was my blood work and ultra sound. I got the call at noon-- the earliest the clinic has ever called me. Nothing is happening and they were alittle suprised by this. Hmmm, well I am still in my period so it kind of makes sense to me-- but I am alittle uneasy they were not in sync with this--especially because I went in on saturday and told them I was waiting for my period still. They did my b/w and u/s that day then called me later and told me to start the meds. They started me early with the "microdose that wasn't really" cycle so I assumed they were just starting me early because I take so dang long to get going. I go back in on monday so I am hoping for some good news-- though I have to say that some of my optimism is wearing off.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

So I am back from a lovely tropical break where I was fortunate enough to experience a earthquake, a power outage, then torrential rain which brought mudslides and flash flooding. It got better- after we left that particular island and flew to a diffferent one. And we can now joke that it was earth moving... and a bit of a rocky start to the trip.

So back to the business of being again. We are on day 5 of the meds. This time it is a bit of a different protocol. Currently I am on 3 vials of men*pur in the morning and 3 at night. They are 75s-- so that means I am taking 225 each time. No supression. Proably a good thing since I am still stinging from the over supression we did last time when they messed up my meds and were suppose to be microdosing me but had instead called in the full amount. Yeah, I know, It's going to take some time for me to be able to just let that go. Thought I had- but it is like a pea under my many mattresses-- just seems to be stuck under my skin a bit.

I have my u/s and b/w tomorrow and I ought to have an idea of how we are doing this cycle. Lots of hot flashes- so that is a bit new, and I am taking it as a good sign that something is happening. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't feeling optimistic- because I am-- first I am told that I am low responder making only 2 egg, and it is suggested I use donor eggs... then I make 7 eggs but they don't actually grow to where we need them to because I am over supressed. Imagine what I can do without all the supression- yeah I don't expect to blow out the numbers and produce a ton of eggs- I mean I am realistic, but I am hoping I do at least as well as last time with all the little guys growing nicely in unison. Is that too much to ask?

Nothing much up other than that-- my feet are freezing all the time as I adjust back to living in normal weather and I catch up on the pounds of mail that seem to be getting delivered to my door. Has anyone else noticed that Xmas seems to now start before halloween? I am getting christmas catalogs in the mail now- and it is still october. Yikes!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Well this will possibly be my last post before I go on holiday. A much much needed holiday involving pool side service and lovely food. Sunshine, warm weather and no cell phone. No email. No internet. No work. Can you hear the soft waterfall and soothing music in the background? Yeah, I could use a break.

When we come back I hop back on the bus and start another cycle. Mostly I am feeling ok, but I have to admit that the sting of the last cycle is still with me again. If your doctor's staff messed up your meds- would you trust them again completely? Could you go through another cycle with them and not feel like you needed to double check everything they said? Yeah, I am thinking about this one too...