Monday, October 30, 2006

Ok, so here is the latest. I have to admit I am alittle suprised by the course that my RE took-- but they have asked me to come in on Friday so I ought to start compiling questions now. First I will give you a bit of back ground so you know where I am in my cycle. I started my stims on saturday the 21st-- and I started spotting for my period on the same day-- my period appeared on the 22nd. My next ultra sound was on the 26th- which would be day 4 of my period-- and day 5 of my stims.
Then I went in for a second u/s today which is day 8 of my period or day 9 of the meds. Today's ultra sound showed 1 follicle on the left side. That's it. Nothing else-- and mind you-- if we are adhere to a normal cycle I am not due to ovulate until sometime next weekend. The RE's office tonite called and told me to stop taking all meds flat. That this is a failed cycle and to come in and see the doctor on friday. Hmm, I ought to be ovulating that day. The nurse that called said that I am not responding to the meds after being on them for 9 days... so here is my question to you-- can I make follies while I am having my period-- how exactly does that work?


Keeping The Faith said...

Ellie- I haven't gone through IVF yet but I did injectibles 6 times w/ IUI..and they never started stims until day 3, at the earliest. I've never heard of anyone starting the injections before their period even arrived.
It'll be interesting to see if your RE is even aware of this information since he wasn't aware of the incorrect Lupron dosage you were prescribed last time until it was to late.
It doesn't seem like it could hurt to have you continue the meds for a few more days and see what happens.

It may be time to look into other RE's... and get some 2nd opinions. I'd request a copy of your medical records and at least see what a few others have to say. I know your RE has really good stats but I think it can be misleading. I'll e-mail you later about a few things I found out.

I'm sorry you're going through this. It really doesn't make sense since you responded with several follies while on a high dose of Lupron.... (did your clinic ever try to make that right...a written apology, or something?)I really hope you seek a 2nd opinion if he does the "dreaded" donor egg talk.
-You're in my thought, sweetie.

Hang in there,

zhl said...

Hmm. I don't really remember the meds schedule I had on the last IVF but that doesn't sound right. What with the last screw up maybe you should follow Faith's advice and get a second opinion.
So sorry this is happening.

Thalia said...

Ellie, you can make follicles during your period. They usually appear, and fsh on a natural cycle starts to rise around day 5. On the protocol you were on, they were starting you a bit early, in the aims of recruiting more follicles, I would guess. It is not a well-researched protocol (you weren't using an antagonist were you? how were they going to delay ovulation?) so I think the general clamour for a second opinion is right.HOwever they weren't completely off base either.

Hope the conversation goes well.

Beagle said...

They definately need to give you a clearer explanation of what is going on and what you should expect.

Good Luck Friday. Ask lots of questions. I usually write myself a list of what I want to ask so I don't get there and forget half of it I get home!

Sorry it's been so frustrating and confusing.

Lut C. said...

Cancelled? My goodness, how devastating. I'm so sorry.

I can't give any advice on the protocol.

Regarding the follicles, 'making' follicles isn't the right term, I guess. Women are born with all the eggs they'll ever have lying dormant in their ovaries (according to current medical understanding).
Every day a couple leave the dormant stage to become antral follicles, which is called recruitment. Antral follicles are sensitive to FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) and start developing during the first two weeks of your cycle.

The ones that are recruited at the wrong time of your cycle are just out of luck, I suppose.

Lupron doesn't influence the amount of follicles that leave the dormant stage, nor does Menopur/Gonal-F. These drugs only influence their development into mature follicles. At least that's my understanding of how it works.

I hope you get some answers on Friday.

ms. c said...

Ellie, I'm so upset for you over this cancellation.
Unfortunately I have no advice or info to lend, as I haven't done a cycle like this.
The other ladies seem to have it right, though-look for a second opinion. It won't hurt you to be super informed.
For you appointment, be sure to take a list of questions with you, and do not leave til all your concerns are addressed.
I'm thinking of you...

Josie said...

Oh Ellie I am so sorry for your disappointment. That is truly devastating. I can't advise about the whole making follicles and period, but this last round O started the meds one day before AF arrived. I was not on Lurpon that cycle but they went by my E2 level rather than the cycle day. I don't know if that is entirely like your situation, though. I hope you have the ability to do this again, even though I know you will approach it with much apprehension.

I do agree with the others that you deserve an apology and some serious explanation as to their protocol/timing decision.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry. I have no explanation - I can only hope they have one on Friday. Hoping for good news at that visit (I know it's already cancelled, I just want them to say they know what happened and they can fix it easily next time).


Anonymous said...

I always started my stims on the night day 3. I also always had a scan on the morning of day 3- there would usually be some antral follicles then. But I have no idea how exactly they grow, timewise.

I'm so sorry about the failed cycle. I hope that you get some answers.

Hopeful Mother said...

Ellie, I don't have any really good advice, but I can echo what the others have said. For a traditional long Lupron protocol, you start stims at Day 3 of your period/Lupron bleed or after. Your protocol may have been different, however.

I hope you are able to get some answers on what is going on - other than "you're cancelled, no follies, so sorry." They owe you more than that.

Like Faith said, I would recommend a copy of the records so you have the option for a second opinion.

Hang in there.

zhl said...

For some reason, I can't comment on your latest post so I'm posting again here. I'm just so sorry that it's the same thing again. Hope you can some answers.