Saturday, November 04, 2006

Instant Replay. Let's watch that again.

So yup, met with the RE last night. I thought for certain he'd be sending us packing- 4 failed attempts to get to IVF-- only one got close where I had 7 follies-- though 2 of them got large enough within the duration of the meds- and we did have the wrong lupron dosage that cycle-- could have made a difference or not...really no way to tell and I did ask about that- he said it could or could not have made a difference. Still no apology. Um, ok, I don't think we will be getting one.

First the RE talked to us about our options. Instant Replay of the same meeting I had in July, except this time my DH and mother-in-law were along for the ride. It wasn't really a conversation- and maybe because he does this all day long he is used to doing a set paragraph of speaking -- I tried on an occasion to interrupt or interject between the pauses for a breathe and he just continued the flow of his speech. Hmm, I'd give a lower rating on interaction though maybe he continued this dialogue for the sake of the DH and MIL that were along for the ride this time? I don't know. He says my options are to try again next month on day 3 of my cycle-- or to take a break and try again later. He also started down the DE (donor egg) route and I give him some credit that he was able to clearly read the signs between DH and I and the word No spoken, and let the topic drop after completing his paragraph on it. Yes, I know the chances of sucess would be higher if I used the eggs of a 20 year old. Yes, I know I am way older than 20 and moving towards my reproductive end- but I just am not ready to put the egg of someone I don't even know into my womb- sorry, I am just not there yet. I don't know if I will ever get there.

They asked me to stim once more last night and then take a HCG shot on sunday and IUI on monday-- I told them I'd let them know --this seemed to suprise them. Yeah, I know, they seem suprised alot lately. I explained that we don't really see the point of the whole IUI on monday because the one follie is on the left side- which we all know is blocked and so our chances of sucess with IUI are about as good as going at it naturally. We might as well have some fun with this and save the money but I'd call this weekend after DH and I discussed it. I think they may have forgotten about the left side being blocked. Understandable because lots of folks go through there daily and it's hard to keep the specifics of each patient in mind. I don't know.


Sherry said...


Not to be a total a**vice giver - (believe me it comes from a place of concern, not jerky-ness) but have you thought of seeking another opinion? I'm trying to remember your particulars right now - this is the first RE you've been to right? If so, it might not hurt to take a copy of your big old file down the road and see what someone else has to say about it?

If you try again next month did he talk about a different protocol since this one's obviously not working for you?

I'll stop asking questions now and just say thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way...

Lut C. said...

I'm with Sherry, do you feel up to talking to another RE? Not even an apology? Is he afraid you'll sue him if he apologizes?

There are quite a few bloggers from California, perhaps you could ask where they went.

Meg said...

Hey Ellie - I won't add to the assvice except to say its not so understandable for them to forget, I reckon!!

Good luck with things.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm sorry you didn't get what you needed from the consult. A personalised visit, and apology... not good bedside manner. Donor eggs are this whole other decision. It's so much harder when you don't have a professional giving you confidence going in to the next cycle.


Hopeful Mother said...


I'm still a little shocked by their lack of apology in screwing up your last cycle.

I don't think you should be getting the DE talk just yet. They don't seem terribly interested in figuring out what protocol might work for *you* with *your eggs!*

I'm curious what your DH and MIL's feedback was of the doctor and your experience.

Did you end up doing the IUI or did you skip?

Forgive me for being so on edge, and inquisitive, but I really feel like you are getting the run-around from your RE and clinic and I really think you deserve better!

Carol said...

that's so frustrating that they don't even know the details of your case before you go on there - they should at least glance at your chart and see that you have the blocked tube. lame.

and no apology? lame.

ditto the others with assvice - but it might not hurt to get another opinion.

We did that before deciding to call it quits with fresh cycles with my eggs. it was at least helpful to have another highly respected RE concur w/ the bad egg diagnosis.

good luck with whatever you decide to do.

zhl said...

Hey Ellie, just wanted to thank you for all the great dog information. Just what I was looking for.

And wanted to see what you decided to do. Thinking of you.

serenity said...

Ellie - I'm with Sherry too. At this point, if you have options, it can't hurt to get a second opinion.

Just my assvice too. I'll shut up and let you know that I'm thinking of you and hoping you can get some answers soon.

Lara said...

Hi Ellie, So you didn't do any suppression this time? Me either and it was my first successful cycle (in other words I got to ER and ET - sadly ended with a BFN). I just wanted to tell you that I did the same meds (menopur, meropur and repronex are all the same thing) and one of my cycles I did 6 ampules of it a day (3 in the morning and 3 at night) and only when we (this last cycle)dropped the lupron altogether and cut back the repronex to 2 ampules a day only did we even get any follies big enough to do ER. So don't give up hope and lets hope they eventually find the right "recipe" of meds for you. I only mention it because maybe you don't need more meds to make it work, maybe you need less like I did. Good Luck!