Saturday, April 07, 2007

Hey Fellow Bloggers..

My humor must be returning to me as I catch up on my reading and hear what is happening in everyone's life. As I was reading up on a fellow bloggers mini vacation and her undying patience in dealing with a fertile woman who kept offering her suggestion on how to get pregnant, a question arose for me - and I thought- why not take a poll on this and then we'll have them all in one place. So here goes-- spread the request around so I can capture as much of them as possible. And here is the question:

What are the suggestions you have been given to help get you pregnant by people who don't get infertility?

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Disappointed is proably the best description for what we feel today. We talked to the clinic about our Karotyping test and it appears that the lab doing the testing- conducted the wrong test entirely. So they confirmed I was pregnant-- and nothing else. Yeah, thanks. I think the morning sickness was a huge tip off for us. So what does all that mean? In short- we will never know why we miscarried because the lab screwed up. The clinic sent over the correct orders but the lab opted to just not do them. I wonder if the lab tech who mistakenly did the wrong test has any idea of the impact that had on us? Do you think they'll send me a "hey, how are we doing card, we want to know" to rate the facility. Yeah, I doubt I will be hearing from them.

So we are moving on, grudgingly- I was doing the immune blood testing at the clinic as a next phase, but I think they will be sending me the kit to fedex on in-- that way I don't need to drive a few hours just to give them blood. Then we'll get the results from that and decide what to do next.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Well. Healing.
Somedays not as fast as I'd like but it's happening.
I planted my yearly dahlias. I bought too many and Hubs is alittle concerned we'll have so many we won't be able to get to the front door. I felt better after planting them. And if it takes 30 dahlias to heal from a miscarriage- it seems like a small price to pay.

I have an appt with the RE this week-- I guess we'll go over the results of the D&C tissue they got and what the plan will look like moving forward. I still occassionally feel as thought the wind has been knocked out of me- but it's general greiving and as much as I'd like to snap my fingers and have it be gone there is no rushing it. It's managable, and the best way to describe it is that I get a small pang or twinge of sadness when something triggers it. Walking past a baby shop, seeing a pregnant woman... you know the usual stuff.

I got an invite to a babyshower in the mail today. I was alittle suprised really as I haven't spoken to the mother-to-be in 8-9 months, and the last time I think it was just a hello. We weren't really friends, and other than general small talk at events we both happen to be attending, we haven't really spent any time together. My hubs is friends with her hubs and so maybe it is a by proxy invite? A my husband knows your husband kind of thing? Hmmm.

The reason I am writing about this shower, isn't the puzzlement of why I was invited. It was the wording on the shower that has me alittle perplexed. The shower invite said that the couple didn't know the gender of the baby they were having so we should not tell them that is it a boy. Umm, ok. But it feels weird to know the gender of the baby when the parents don't and why would the host of the event chance that all those 40+ people won't tip off the couple- who purposely don't want to know.Like they won't be getting a blue gift now...because everyone is going to walk into the store where they registered, see that they requested yellow and get that for a boy?

Is it normal to do showers this way? Hubs and I talked about it, and I'll pick something up this week. I can't attend the shower because of an existing conflict, and I'm not really feeling up to a babyshower so it's proably a blessing overall. We'll drop the gift off with some breakfast after they have the baby. I have trouble with the being part of the secret thing- and it's not that I can't keep a secret, or that I plan on telling it if I see them. It's that I wasn't given the choice to not be included in the secret. That is was just blurted out in the first line of text for the shower and now I know this information. Now when the couple calls to tell us they had a boy it will be like, yeah, um we know...and that just seems alittle anti-climatic.