Sunday, June 24, 2007

Transfer is Done! Yipee. We got to the clinic a few minutes early, and I didn't think this would be a big deal as last transfer we got in 30 minutes early and were out early too. This time I was ready, bladder full... busting to move. We waited an additional 30 or so minutes beyond our scheduled appointment because the folks in front of us apparently didn't understand that full bladder meant FULL bladder and once in there- they wait for you to fill up so it's just a matter of drinking water and waiting. Not the fault of the staff -- they give fairly explicit instructions to have a full bladder and they tell you the time to start drinking and how much to drink. I should have sensed something when they were in the waiting room and they were the only folks without water bottles. Fortunately the RE knows me fairly well by now and he was fine with me letting some out. That part pretty much sucked-- having a full bladder and I think I ended up letting a tiny bit out 6 different times while we were waiting-- and we waited 30 minutes after our scheduled time, which means the folks behind us had to wait as well. Once we got into the room- we were in and out in minutes--3 little eggs tucked safely away.

On the way home we hit traffic-- but bed rest this past weekend was good. I got to stock up on my video watching and Hubs was totally awesome taking care of me. Even when I was cranky, he was still there. Made me meals, and brought me water and took the dogs out so they didn't pester me.

The dogs apparently got into Poison Oak this past week-- not sure how they did that since they have been running at the beach- but we've got it all over. We are both incredibly sensitive to it and my arms are just covered in a red itchy rash and it's spreading to my neck, shoulders and legs. Not much I can do but let it runs it's course at this point and try not to scratch.

Anyhow, we take our first blood test on July 2nd and the second one on the 4th. Since the 4th is a holiday here we'll have to wait until the 5th. So we won't know anything until then-- they never tell you the results until the 2nd test results are in and I am not planning to watch for symptoms since I already know I don't show any so early on. I'll post if anything comes up- but as of now- the eggs are in and cookin'.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Well the retrieval went well yesterday-- they got 5-- but only 4 were viable. Of the 4, 3 were an M2 and one was an M1. I'm not exactly sure what that means- but I am told it's good. Of all 4, 3 fertilized. So 3 is a pretty good ratio when starting from 4 total. Not going to complain. We go back on Friday to do the transfer- but overall we're Ok with the number and the amount that fertilized. Better than last time and we did good then. I haven't started to think about the whole miscarriage thing much yet-- but it's lurking-- and if this goes well I'll expect a slight freak out at week 8 or 9 ... we have plenty of time for that.

Anyhow, I found a cool chef service that cooks and delivers meals to you so I ordered some for the week for us to give a try.
It was pretty good- and it wasn't all that expensive when I think about buying all the stuff to make the meals- I think we may keep using them for awhile-- I could use a break on cooking and Hubby isn't inclined to learn so it's that or pizza. I don't know how everyone else does it- and it could just be the hormones but I feel like I keep track of all the stuff with the house and the food and the cleaning... and I work full time too. I am worn out! So here is to taking a break.

I'll let you know if anything comes up at the transfer but I suspect that it will be pretty normal.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Latest stats are still decent-- though less impressive than earlier in the week. We still have 6-7 follies- but only 2 of them have grown well-- one is 11, the other is nearly 9-- and the rest are 4-7. That doesn't really leave much time for them to get where they need to be by next tuesday but still worst case 2 is better than none. We also go back again this weekend for another ultrasound and we'll decide then if Tuesday will stick or if it will be pushed out more.

Other than that- I have the strange side effect of heat coming out the soles of my feet. Serious heat is moving on through and I am occassionally plunking my tootsies into cool water to relieve them. I'm not too worried about it-- I think the warmth may be a good sign and I generally am cold so the shift is a nice change.

I am hoping the last thing of note is a good sign. I am taking it as one. It would seem that all the dahlias I planted during the grieving period of my miscarriage earlier this year have nearly all sprouted and I got my first flower bloom earlier in the week. I am hoping more flowers bloom this weekend- but it's nice to see something grow and become beautiful from such a dark start.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I went to the RE yesterday for my utlrasound -- and I am slowly growing eggs! The RE says he thinks we'll have 6 or even 7 that will be mature by next week when we go in for retrieval! (pausing for a victory dance...) We pushed the retrieval out 3 more days as I am a sloooow grower as well as a slow responder. Kind of makes me wonder if I ever really produced any eggs on my own naturally with with my mega-short luteal phase :) and add into a blood clotting disorder, and the fact that it takes me twice the amount of drugs in twice the time to produce nearly anything...good grief, I spent all those years on birth control tweaking my body hormonally and I probably could have skipped it! All those puffy bitchy extra 10 pound years on birth control when I could have been pleasant "sure, I am happy to share my chocolates" Ellie.... sigh. Don't you just hate retrospection? And now leg warmers are back in style again... when did that happen?

The RE was kind enough to explain that usually the first 5 days or so on meds generally make women a wee bit cranky, as the estrogen hasn't kicked in quite yet but that when it does, that the crankiness subsides... I am speculating that mine isn't quite where it needs to be as Hubs and I attended a movie this past weekend, and a high schooler kid cut in front of us in line to buy tickets with his friends- we had plenty of time to buy tickets and there was tons of seating in the theatre- but I mentioned to Hubs that evening that I was suprised he hadn't said anything being as he still has a great deal of New York in him from his years of living in the city. He looked at me and said... "that was 7 hours ago-- and it was a kid buying tickets with his friends, do you think you might be a bit hormonal?". Umm, yeah, so perhaps the feeling to push the kid off the curb and into oncoming traffic is a slight extreme. I could say I am feeling a bit hormonal, yeah. And it's strange that these injustices seem to grow into travesties as the hours pass and they are such small things that I hold onto.

Anyhow, I go back to the RE for another US on Friday so I'll post again.... and I have to say that this cycle is by far the mellowest one I have done- and I am thrilled that aside from the crankiness, nothing unusual is happening and this is all pretty dang boring.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Not really much new to report on my end-- I started up the stims earlier this week- and things have been smooth sailing overall. I am doing the shots mostly myself-- there was a couple of IM shots that I had my lovely neighbor help with one of them and then hubs helped with the other. I was able to inject it IM, and then he pushed down the needle, sat down and took a deep breathe, turned a wee bit pale and then seemed to be fine. I think he takes them much harder than I do!

The bruising from the heparin isn't too bad-- and bloggers have been great about offering me tips to reduce the bruising which has been helpful. I bumped my head on the doorway yesterday in one of my more graceful moves and then later that day my head hurt from it! I'll have to be more careful about bumping into things as we continue this process.

So that's it. I know, by far my most boring cycle yet- and I have done these dang meds something like 6 or 7 times at this point! By this time it ought to be mundane :) I did have a funny experience at the drug store the other day-- I was stopping over to pick up a prescription of needles at the local pharmacy and they explained to me that they were not going to put it through my insurance because the price of the needles goes up 20 bucks if they do. Classic. It costs me more to get them through my insurance than pay retail...

Friday, June 01, 2007

So just a quick update. I have been on the lupr*on and centro*tide for about a week or so now. Had my first ultrasound on Tuesday. Everything looks good, no cysts and I am good to start the stim phase this next week. I'll be on the stims until the 12th of June when I go back in for another ultrasound. Pretty much taking it all in stride. I occassionally feel a small pang about the miscarriage but am otherwise fine. 2 women in my bookclub are pregnant! One would have been in the same week as me and the other about a month behind me. I'm thrilled they are both pregnant, but it was one of those pang moments, where I am told they are pregnant and I do the math in my head... oh, I'm not pregnant any more I don't get to count those weeks now- pang. I can only hope that some of it rubs off on me and this next round will have us lucky too.

We just finished reading "Assassination Vacation" by Sarah Vowell for those of you who were going to ask, yeah, I know you are all wondering what we read this month. I have no idea what next months selection will be- the person who hosts it get to pick the books that way we rotate around the group and everyone gets a pick- it broadens my views and reading choices to things I never thought I'd read and I often enjoy the reads so no complaints. The book is hilarious, and educational-- all at the same time.

I'll keep you posted as I continue my cycle. Still no major side effects from anything- except a slight headache. I start the hep*arin next week. Never done it before- but I am told that the bruising will be noticable..still, if it only costs me a wee bit of bruising and I get to go home with one of those new fangled babies... I'm good with it.