Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Today's appt at the RE was much different than my previous visits-- I guess since there are so many people cycling that they just pack them all into the office near about the same time. So there was standing room only in the office shortly after I arrived- and many of the women brought extra people with them-- some brought 3+ people, children, etc... I figured that it was natural to bring support and I'd bring hubs with me if he could get the time off work- but as he cant't I am doing it on my own. I'm still alittle torn about the bringing the kids into the office- It's not that I mind the kids, it's just that there had to have been 8-10 women in the room all trying to have kids-- and then the one support person brings her kids (yes that is plural) there-- and it seems alittle insensitive.

The u/s today showed 3 follies on the left (largest is 14 smallest is 9)- it seems to be the strong side this cycle and the right has 3 follies as well ( but the largest is 6 and the smallest is 4) and if they don't speed up and catch the left in the next few days they will be staying behind. I stay on meds for the next 3 nights and then u/s again on friday. Our retrieval date has been pushed to sunday- and on friday they will decide whether to bump it or keep it at sunday. All good.

I got back tonite just wiped out-- traffic, driving 5-6 hours total- and eating a light lunch did me in. I took a brief nap but the interrupt level at home was high with dogs, phone calls... I am still alittle bleary and I proably should have waited for Hubs to do the shots tonite. I can now confirm I have hit veteran status as I can give myself most of my shots now. I just woke up one morning and did it-- and have been doing it since. No, it doesn't phase me in the least- and I have gone from covering my eyes and cringing when I get one to doing them alone. I can't explain it-- I am just powering through the process. Perhaps I have hit some new level of altered insensitivity as not much bothers me lately, except noise, dogs and phone calls...

Now tonite I think I did something to mess up my shots-- my first time in what 5 or 6 cycles- so don't think I make a habit of it- and my follistim pen wasn't screwed shut entirely and so when I injected -- the grey stopper didn't look like it moved-- kind of ironic really as I was wondering about the stopper moving last night and it didn't look like it moved then either. So to be sure, I tightened the pen, injected it again with a smaller dose-- and the stopper moved. Well, dang- I am fairly certain it didn't move the previous time -- maybe a partial move and I missed watching the stopper move? I didn't know whether to inject the full amount now or to assume that I have now over shot by some amount. I mean, what would you do? Yes, Exactly, I thought I would err on the cautious side and complete the dose assuming that since the stopper didn't look like it moved earlier- then it proably didn't. Have I now shot too much in? I don't really think so-- but I will have hubs hang out with me when next I do the shots to keep and eye on me and make sure my counting skills don't falter.

I'll let ya know how friday goes. I can't really say much will change, I mean we will go ahead with the retrieval now regardless knowing we have a few good eggs- and hope to make it to transfer. If nothing else I am further along than I have been in the last year- so at least I am moving forward.


Bea said...

Hm, well I hope you can feel confident in your next injections! Nothing like worrying you've messed something up. Sounds like everything's going much better.


Lut C. said...

I'm going to have to figure out how those pens work as of tomorrow. They call it progress, but it looks mighty complicated. And I had gotten the hang of the vials and mixing needles.

So, they're are people now not bringing their own kids to the IVF clinic but other people's kids?
Sure, why not. Let's combine fertility clinics with daycare centers. Bring together women starved for babies, with babies starved for attention. :-S

I hope you're in a mood to handle sarcasm. ;-)

serenity said...

I could never get used to those pens; was happy to mix the vials of my Gon.al-F instead on our last cycle. Sounds like you were playing it safe though.

Good luck Ellie. I am so glad to hear how well things are going on this cycle thus far!

ava said...

Having kids in the office sounds tough. My RE's office has a "no kids" policy that is posted right at the front desk. I think it's a great policy since it means at least that's one place where I won't have to deal with babies, kids, or visibly pregnant women. I hated going to my OBGYN's office when I wasn't even ovulating and I'd see hugely pregnant women with a few kids in tow.

Good job on giving yourself shots! I have not been able to do that yet. But like everything else, I'm sure if/when I get to that point it will be no big deal. Everything in the infertility journey has seemed HUGE until I get to it and then I just get used to it.

Good luck on figuring out the pen, and good luck on your next u/s!

Kris said...

Oh, I "self medicated" sometimes too if I wasn't certain. I think for one dose, you're ok if you went a little high- the side I would have erred on, too.

I love (well, not love- prefer) the pens. When I have to mix my HCG I get all nervous I won't get the full dose.

Stephanie said...

Grow eggs grow!

Lara said...

I personally think that if you overshot yourself with the meds it won't hurt the cycle. If anything you might get some extra response out of it? Im crossing my fingers for you!! Im a poor responder myself so I'm totally rooting for you!

Hopeful Mother said...

Ellie, I have so much hope for you on this cycle with your new RE. It sounds like things are going relatively well - 6 follies, regardless of their size, is an achivement! I will be hoping and wishing for your follies to keep growing and be on track for a Sunday retrieval... that's just a few days away!

I wouldn't sweat the dosage thing. I'm sure it is no problem - too much is prob. better than not enough in this case.

You are definitely an IF veteran - I still don't do my own shots - that's DH's job in this whole process. :-)

Sara said...

I love the pens, but that's because I like things to be simple. I never had a scare like yours, and can imagine how stressful it was. Still, it seems like one overshot shouldn't be a big deal, if it even happened.

Good luck with it all!

Alli said...

Ugh - I hope it all works out. The injections freaked me out.

I am "anti" on the subject of kids in the waiting room. I agree with you - it seems insensitive!