Thursday, August 31, 2006

How many dogs I own.
The number of times I have now tried for IVF #1.
The number of vials they took in blood this morning.
The number of shots I take every morning.
And every night...

Perhaps we want a drum roll here for added build up... yeah, the number of follies my right ovary is producing- with the left not doing a dang thing. 7 days on stims and 2 follies. And the left not doing a dang thing. The follies are currently at 11 and 7. Not my most impressive number really. Last time I had 3 follies ... and the left side not do a dang thing. Today I am crushed. For those of you unfamiliar with IVF, 2 is not a good number. Pretty much any number over 4 would be a good number. Most REs won't do the procedure with anything less than 4 follies.

Oh, I know, I will rally and recover but wouldn't it be nice to get some good news in the area of procreation for a change? In the mean time, I have the weekend before me- with more shots- we aren't giving up yet- we go back on sunday for more bloodwork and another u/s. I had not expected to respond so poorly to the meds- especially since the dosing is higher than last time. When they told me I had a low reserve, I somehow didn't think that as we continued to do this that my test scores would get worse. This type of rating is hard for an over acheiver.

So that is my day. Not a good one. But to quote bob marley "My feet is my only carriage so I've got to push on through..."


chloe said...

I'm so sorry your left ovary is not responding. Maybe she will wake up this weekend and surprise you Sunday.

I know how you feel - I have low reserve as well. I'll be sending you good vibes from NorCal.

Bea said...

Hmmm... 2.

What's your RE's lowest cutoff? Or, more importantly, what's *your* cutoff?

Hope you get those extra couple... although I know it's not great news for the time being.


Thalia said...

That is disappointing. it's quite early, though, right? YOu just started stimming on sunday? I'll keep things crossed that a couple more will join those two soon.

Sherry said...

Crap Ellie - that completely sucks. No other way to say it.

I'll be thinking of you over the weekend and sending good vibes your way though - I hope your ovaries have a sudden burst of energy and recruit some more follicles!

Keeping The Faith said...

Oh Ellie- I'm so sorry. I know how disappointed you must be. What does your RE say? Is he hopeful that your ovaries will still respond more? I can't remember exactly what your protocol is but I remember Leighann's (from our primary group) first IVF went to hell and was cancelled and for her 2nd (successful) IVF they didn't repress her- no bcp's or lupron. And she responded much better. I wonder if that would be an option for you?

So sorry hon. You are in my thoughts!


serenity said...


I am hoping that your ovaries get the kick they need to get in the game. I'll be thinking of you...

zhl said...

Oh, Ellie, I'm so sorry. My left ovary never got into the game much either. Maybe they are off having a party. Hope at least two more follicles show up on the next scan.

I know it's tough.

Lut C. said...

How utterly frustrating. Doing all you can do, only to be met by such a lukewarm response.
To your overies: WAKE UP!

Hopeful Mother said...

Ellie, I'm sorry, this is so disappointing. I hope that things turn around for you and your left ovary.

Thinking of you, and wishing/hoping/praying for you, Ellie.

the waiting line said...

I'm so sorry, that must be very frustrating. I hope that your ovaries get with the program over the weekend. Some more Folli coming right up!

Kris said...

How disappointing! Hoping the O's step up the pace a little.

Debbi said...

WAKE UP LEFTY! There. maybe it'll listen to us all.

So sorry for this crappy response, Ellie. Hey, you never know, you could win the lottery and be cooking the golden egg right now. It's got to happen to SOMEONE, right?

2 dogs sounds like a perfect number, though. Dogs rule.


Keeping The Faith said...

I'm thinking of you today...and hope your appt goes well and yields better results.