Friday, February 16, 2007

Ok, Nothing major to update really- but I thought I'd mention for the other women that are still cycling that I have no symptoms of pregnancy still. Yup. No extraordinary signs and I look pretty much the same as I alway have. I have no blue veins, no dark areolas, no morning sickness yet, no getting up in the middle of the night any more than I normally do- and no real fatique any different than the normal fatigue I'd feel on progesterone shots. I have no light headedness, no spotting or heatburn or constipation. Nothing really-- though I do still have cramping in what feels like mild period cramps-- that would be the only significant sign and if the blood test didn't come back with 2 positives I'd swear my period was going to start any time now. So as head into your 2ww, breathe and try not to read into the symptoms.

I can give you a update on my PIO shots. Yup. The leg is definately out. We returned to the tush last night-- and today my leg is *still* swollen and I am hobbling around like I was wounded on the football field. No real differentiation between my knee and thigh currently-- but it does hurt alittle less. Looks way way worse and hurts less. I figure I will just keep off it and see what happens-- but if you are comtemplating PIO shots-- aim for your backside. I speak from experience now. I guess someone had to try it...


Bea said...

Thanks for the info on both counts. I've always said you can't read too much into symptoms, but I've never really believed it. You've given me extra confidence to do so.


Kristy said...

Your post really lifted my spirits this morning. I feel like I have AF cramps today, but if you have them it makes me feel a bit better :)


Stephanie said...

i think i missed the big news. Congrats. I kind of went MIA for the last week. I just had to pull out for awhile after the neg. I am so happy for you!

Lut C. said...

Thanks for confirming that. I'm fighting not to look for symptoms, or to despair because there are none.

Now, don't you worry too much either.

the waiting line said...

Great news. And (though its hard to do) don't worry about the lack of symptoms. They don't mean anything at this stange. And I mean A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G. :-)

Ouch - about the freakin' leg. OUCH!

Keeping The Faith said...

Ellie- I'm so excited that we've both made it this far. I also have very few symptoms at this point.

I refuse to do any shots in my leg. I did a few in the beginning and they bothered me a I won't even try anymore. Do you use a heating pad? I find that I'm not sore at all the next day if I have J rub my behind after the shot and then I sit on a heating pad for 10-15 mins.

When is you first u/s? Caqn't wait to read more updates.

Much love to you

Samantha said...

I hate the PIO shots too, although never had to do them for much longer than the TWW. I have my DH give them in my butt. My butt gets sore, but my nurse told me not to try the leg, "Do you want to walk?" I guess your experience confirms that.

I did figure out with my last FET to use a lot more heat before the shot as well as after, and that seemed to make a big difference for me in terms of the swelling. I always also heat up the PIO by placing the bottle in warm water before the shot to thin the medication. The heat means I tend to bleed more when getting the shot, but I think it's a worthwhile trade-off.