Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wow. I am ready to take a nap now and it is only 9am. I am certain I will make it to noon with no problems but I had no idea that the little cramping bugger in my uterus was going to make me sooo dang tired. Yup, still cramping occassionally and I can only guess that room is being made where none currently exists for growth. I can't help but think that at any moment I am going to puff up into a giant marshmallow. I know going from a size 10 to a size 20 isn't really going to happen, is it? But it is nautral to worry that somehow I won't do the pregnancy right.. I mean don't we all have that fear alittle?

Last night we had a hysterical hormone surge. I was driving to radio shack with hubs and telling him about my recent trip to the humane society where I managed to not bring any animals home but that there were sooo many of them there and they needed good homes. I started to cry before even getting out the words that I had been to the humane society shelter for pets. He looked at me as though a mad woman was driving the car, because of course I was driving and sobbing at the same time and not really forming coherent sentences. Then it struck me totally funny and I began to howl with laughter too. Not a soft giggle but a deep cackling kind of belly laugh. Wow, yes, he did look really alarmed at that point. Almost scared. I can't say I blame him- It alarmed me a bit too. All of a sudden I am talking and then I am just way off the deep end. And then it passes like it was never there.

Otherwise, this morning I woke up burping-- seems to be all I am doing. And I have a slight feeling that I am moving when I am not. Makes for a real thrill when I am in the shower and feeling like I could topple over should a wave hit the bow of the tub. It doesn't last long and it kind of reminds me when I travel for work alot-- where even after I stop travelling I still feel like I am moving. Not really much different from the IVF drugs really-- I can't remember which one gave me this sensation but it only lasted a short time. I am catching up on my blog reading and if I haven't made it around to comment on your blog yet-- know that I am reading to catch up this week.


Lut C. said...

I would have liked to have seen the look on his face. Yours too. ;-)

Hopeful Mother said...

Yeah, it's amazing how quickly we get tired now! I'm also gassy on both ends... and have had the same cramping you speak of, although mine has subsided a lot in the last few days.

I worry about not knowing "how to do pregnancy" too - but I guess all first-time moms (IF or not) go through that.

Your hormone surge story is funny... although I'm sure hubby didn't think so.

ava said...

I'm with you on the tiredness AND the burping. Fun times! I swear, no one really tells you what this whole pregnancy thing is going to be like :)

Love the driving/crying/laughing hysterically story -- I can totally see doing that!

Bea said...

Sounds like it's going well, nevertheless.


Margo said...

I am just catching up. Congrats on your BFP!v