Thursday, February 15, 2007

What no one really tells you about PIO shots. FIRST - let me start with the update that my betas were 16 on dpo 11 and 76 on dpo 13. I looked at the betabase site and still have not figured out if this means one or two-- any votes on this?

So yeah, I am getting the hang for the PIO shot-- and I will be the first to admit that despite the excellent training my neighbor has provided both to me and hubs, we discovered this morning that we are having a small problem with them.
Administering them, not really the issue. Yes, hubs gets pale and clammy and beer seems to help with this. It also helps to have him sit down next to me to administer the shot. And he is going a great job-- the needle only hurts at the dermal layer and once we are through that -- it's a piece of cake.

So what is the problem? Well, it's the day after. Taking the shot- no big deal. And we have been doing them in the thigh for about 3 days now to give my tushy a rest and because my neighbor was kind enough to help us draw of map on my legs of where we could inject IM, heck I can even self inject at this point. But the entire thigh muscle the morning after an injection-- every single inch of it from the top of my thigh to the side of my knee- aches. I keep looking to see if it is swollen and black- it sure feels like it should. I can't even comfortably rest my laptop on my legs- it hurts to touch the more recent side we used! I am hobbling around the house - and my grandmother in her 90s could easily run circles around me with her walker!

So I tried heating pad to lessen the pain-- temporary at best-- and I tried massaging it as well-- which I do regularly after the injection-- but it just feels plain bad the next morning still. Most folks don't do the legs-- I am guessing this must be why? Today I tried walking it out- thinking the muscle just needs to stretch a bit-- it loosens and then tightens back up when I am off it for a few minutes. Doesn't seem to be helping. Any thoughts on how to make the remaining 5 days less painful? Anyone know at what point you can beg your RE for the weekly progesterone shot? And how long will I be taking these shots while pg?


Carol said...

Yeah, I've always heard that it really hurts in the leg. So no matter how much of a pain in the ass (hah!) it is, I think it's better to do them in the tush. I think those leg muscles are just a lot more sensitive.

You do them until 10 weeks. sucks. I have to keep at it until March 15th!

My RE won't let me switch to the weekly ones this time, that weekly one seems to be less in favor these days. But I plan to ask again next week, because this is really getting old.

Carol said...

You never told us what your beta # was. Did the RE give you the number? or did they just tell you it was positive?

Hopeful Mother said...

I don't have much assvice for you Ellie, as I was lucky enough to stop PIO after 10 days and switch to twice daily prometrium suppositories. I am on these until further notice (at least 8 weeks I think).

We did PIO in my butt cheeks, which have PLENTY of fat to absorb the blow. Then again, so do my legs, but we never tried the shots there since the butt was working OK. The heating pad massage deal seemed to help me. This time was much better than other times for some weird reason. Thank goodness for my hubby because I don't think I could ever do the shots myself.

I too am curious what your beta numbers were! I am so happy for you and hubby...

Kris said...

I always did them tushy style, but I did notice that if I worked out right before the shot, there was a lot less pain. I have a theory about the muscle being warmed up and blood flowing.

You are super brave. I could never stick that needle into my leg. I'd rather contort myself to reach my butt.

Bea said...

I believe Julie (of a little pregnant) tried thighs and concluded it was going to be arse all the way, for the same reasons you mention. Might just be easier to switch back?


Hopeful Mother said...

Ellie - I think your numbers look good! Right in line for a singleton with those numbers/dpo, but only an ultrasound will tell you for sure.

When do you go for your first ultrasound?

p.s. I added you to my "pregnancy/due date buddies" list on my blog - hope you don't mind!

Thalia said...

All the evidence says the shots are no more helpful than the suppositories, so you could ask to switch to those.

Your numbers would be pretty low for twins, I think, so my guess is singleton.

Marie-Baguette said...

I had a PIO shot done in the leg once and I could not walk properly for 2 days. Some people do have bad reactions to PIO, and I am among them. Ask to switch to Crinone and/or suppositories. I have stopped my shots nearly 2 months ago, and I am still in pain. In fact I was diagnosed with sciatica due to the shots! Good luck with everything