Thursday, June 08, 2006

Day 21

I think today is a celebration day! It is the last day I have to take the BCPs! I am just plain relieved that after dinner tonite I will not be consuming another one of those evil pills again. Yes, Yes, I know - this is of course assuming that none of the other drugs that arrived in a box on my doorstep about an hour ago will make me feel as awful as this last one. The box of drugs arrived- and I have to say it was alot smaller of a box than I had antipated. I was expecting something along the lines of a large screen TV box, that I pictured would arrive and two large men would have to carry it to my door. I think this smaller box is a good thing, I unpacked it and the many bottles and containers seem fairly innoucous. Takes alittle of the fear out of what tomorrow holds with DH and I going about giving me my first shot.

Today could also be cause to celebrate that it is the first day that I have not felt completely lousy! Since I have undertaken this phase of my life- I have:
- broken my little toe
- spent weeks dealing with a constant feeling of being on a boat.
- tossed my cookies more times in the last 2 weeks than in the last 10 years.
- caught a head cold
- caught the flu
- somehow hurt my back, though since I can't walk I have no idea how I did this.
So yeah, in general it has been a long long long 21 days. And today I get to step off the boat and I get my stomach back!

The overwhelm that I experienced earlier this week is nearly gone- we drove to the Dr. to get our drug training on what and how and when to administer each drug for the next 14 days. I can't say what was going through my DH's mind, but his eyes were saucers nearly as large as mine as they went through each process and what was required for him. This is truly a step of ture love having your partner administer meds to you. I think I stopped breathing a good half way through the meeting. Nothing really could have prepared me for my schedule. We begin with lupron this friday, then next friday we add two stimulant meds and drop the lupron to half of what we will start with. So I start with 1 shot this week, but next week we will be doing 3 shots a day. I have not yet figure out what all the pills, etc that arrived are for. This will truly be a chemical adventure like no other. Anyhow, I am awaiting the call of the pharmacist she will go over everything with me as a refresher and I have dedicated the veggie crisper in the frig the location the meds will reside for now. The accupuncturist I see will be pleased with this choice of locations as she has been telling me to eat warm veggies for weeks now. Cold veggies are bad and so I am foregoing lettuce for stirfry veggies.


UtRus said...

you're on your way! i am just ahead of you - had my retrieval yesterday. the injections are not so bad. an d personally, i did not feel any systemic effects from any of them (just bloaty lower abdomen/ovary twinges). BCPs can be rough. believe me, i hear you.

good luck on your cycle!

Meg said...

Ellie - it's all happening. Good luck with your injections tomorrow. I'm petrified by that bit too.