Saturday, June 03, 2006

Day 15

I am thinking more clearly today. The cold is either lifting, or I am adjusting to it and all other things. In addition to the cold, I have been experiencing intermittent sharp pain under my right shoulder blade. Yes, yes, yes. I *did* go to the doctor. I immediately think -blood clot- and why wouldn't I? What the heck else could a woman plugged full of hormones and in serious need of drama consider when she adjusts her pillow at 2am and is blinded by pain. The doctor was thinking it was a muscle issue. I must have pulled it doing what? I broke my toe weeks ago but it could be the strain of taping my little toe to the toe next to it and walking about in flip-flops. I go back again next week, but I'll be seeing the RE team so I might just be asking them rather than my general doctor. Can't some of this stuff be related? Isn't it just alittle odd it is all popping up now?

I go in monday to learn about my upcoming new Meds. I will be hugely relieved to not be taking the BCPs anymore. I have cooked once, maybe twice in the last 15 days. I don't think this is a popular phase around the house. And I'd be just as happy to not be frequenting the pizza shop. You'd think for as little as I have been able to eat that somehow, alittle of the clomid weight would fall away. And yes, I know it is completely nuts to be worried about a little weight gain when I am trying to get pregnant. I can't account for my strange yearnings.

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