Saturday, June 10, 2006

Day 23 (2nd supression day)

We did our first supression shot last night! Alittle overwhelming digging through all the drugs that the pharmacist sent to find the one we are suppose to start with- and we have 3 bags of needles that I have stacked in a corner in the kitchen so we don't have to look at them. We brought our awesome neighbor over for support- and she talked us through the process. She explained the needle sizes that we have and what they are used for and talked about the feared progestrone oil shots that are coming in a few weeks. Neither DH or I seem to be able to get comfortable with these as the needle is large and it is a intramuscular shot. The oil is pretty thick and requires some pressure to get it out of the needle. As the pressure to get it out of the needle is some effort I can't help but wonder how that will feel going into my body? I have yet to hear anything good about these shots and we are not looking forward to having to either give or recieve them later this month.

I think it was harder on DH having to give me a shot than it was for me receiving it. And he was very brave. He filled the shot and we picked a spot to put it in, then he slowly poked me and released the meds. He was incredibly tender and very careful to not hurt me. I felt alittle prick of the needle- and that was it. The well known side effect of a little itching around the needle site and I had a vague light headache later that evening. It could have just been from the build-up of having to take the shot. Other than that- nothing. Ok, my boobs hurt- but this would not really be different from any other day this past month so it hardly requires recognition. Easy. A HUGE relief really to be done with the first shot. We do the second one tonite- with our neighbor again I suspect- as DH gets more comfortable with the process. It becomes more clear to me every passing day that I live in a community that is very different from other areas.

I remember moving into the neighborhood and not really getting to know to my neighbors for the first year. They were having a yard sale one weekend, which happen to be the same weekend that my ex was coming over to move his things from the house.
I walked over to the yard sale just wanting to get away from it all and as I was talking with my neighbors I began to cry. They were so nice about doling out hugs and being supportive. It is ironic how I lived there with my ex and never met them and that once he moved from my life- the whole neighborhood opened up. They began to invite me over for dinner. It became a nearly every week thing. Now here we are years later- the group has grown to include more neighbors- and they are all people I can truly say I would have made the effort to be friends with even if they had not lived on my block. The fact that they live near me allows me to share more in their lives (and they in mine) as well as have distinct advantage of not driving after happy hour- I can just walk the few houses home.

Maybe a side effect of this new drug is over sentimentalism? Wow, it may be a long rest of the month for everyone on the block. Perhaps I ought to warn them? Nah, they most likely see if coming- and knowing me - this is not an unusual phase.
Anyhow, today I am feeling good. I am looking forward to a large breakfast and may even consider cooking tonite. After living on take out of pizza and burritos and whatever else I could dream up while battling the BCPs- it might be nice to get back to the business of eating again. So I am off to put on my wellies and head out into the garden!


Meg said...

Ellie - Congratulations on getting the first shot out of the way. Your naeighbours sound amazing... we've been in our current place for two and a half years, and still don't really know anyone. I'm quite jealous actually!

ellie said...

Meg :)
My neighbors are most amazing- I think that is why we stay here- we love the little house but the neighbors make it what it is.