Sunday, June 11, 2006

Dinner Table Talk.. I Think Not

Day 24 (3rd day supression)

Just a quick note to say- I feel totally great. My energy level is back to where it is, I have been laughing again. I think I am back to a more normal state and each passing day makes me happier to not be on the BCPs- I knew they were affecting me- but I didn't really know how much. Messing with Hormones is a tricky thing. Anyhow, I spent the day cleaning the porch that I am getting ready to repaint. And planning the honeymoon. Yahoo. I am totally excited about that part. Hawaii. I dream of becoming a sun drenched goddess. Don't worry, I burn so easy, you will be able to identify me as the woman who is wearing the giant hat and all the sunscreen. I use to envy the girls in school that came in looking all tan and relaxed. Now I can appreciate my pale skin as I have far less wrinkles than if I had spent my days in the sun. Still to tan just alittle, is that asking too much?

Well, it won't be happening today- overcast again- nearly the whole month of June is like that and this morning my heat came on- it was below 66 in the house! Yikes. We call this summer? We are heading to Vegas later this next week for a few days to relax.
Normally I would not be all excited about the surreal experience awaiting me where everything is bright lights, noise, people, gambling and smoking everywhere. But we are staying off the beaten path alittle in a quieter hotel where casinos do not consume the entire lobby and we can pick and choose our exposure rate to all the noise and lights and crowds. I think it will be a really nice time- and I am looking forward to it more now that I am feeling so great! I still have a few more days of work- but I admit I do look forward to being warm again.

Happy Weekend!


Meg said...

Ellie - Great to hear you are feeling so much better. It's funny to think of heat anywhere where i am. It's the dead of winter in Australia - and I am wearing a scarf even in the house!

Keeping The Faith said...

It's wonderful to hear that you are feeling better. Obviously bcp's aren't a good match w/ your chemistry. I love Hawaii and have been quite a few times. Which island(s) are you planning on visiting? Enjoy your trip to Vegas. I hope you have a great time w/ you husband and come back nice and relaxed.


Hopeful Mother said...

Hi Ellie,

We are in a similar "place" in our cycles.

Glad you're feeling better off the BCPs. They didn't really affect me (I was on them for 2 weeks) so that was nice.

I started Lupron about 11 days ago - so far only symptom has been a headache here or there. Bearable compared to the horror stories of hot flashes and moodiness! I am also quite thankful for my hubbie who is as afraid of needles as me but manages to do the shots without wincing. Sharing the load is key!

I too, am pale-skinned and have to be very careful in the CA sun. When we went to Hawaii last year I went through a whole bottle of SPF 45! But, the prize is no skin cancer or wrinkles later on, hopefully...

Be very careful in the Vegas sun - it is very hot there right now! (DUH. Enough assvice from me!)