Friday, June 23, 2006

If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies.

Day 35: Last Day of Stims!

DH has been administering shots to me 3 times a day for the entire week- and he's really catching on to doing it. Tonites shot-our very last one- was almost painless. The entry was perfect, if it hadn't of been for the solution which stings a bit I'd have not noticed I was getting a shot at all. We bungled the exit manuever alittle bit- normally he takes the needle out and then places the alcohol pad over the insertion point and I hold it there to stop any bleeding. Tonite he did the same thing but presses down a bit on it- a bit of an ouch- and so I don't recommend doing that :)

I have been pretty lucky overall with very little side effects from the drugs. I think my face was strangely red for part of last night- and it looks alittle red again tonite. Some fatigue, bloating, and my tummy looks like it had a really rough week with the holes and some bruising- but I am thinking I am overall pretty darn lucky!

We did the ultrasound and bloodwork today- and the three little follies are still there- we are now at 10, 15 and 17 for size respectively. For all practical purposes- I basically have 2 follies to work with. The smallest one isn't going to grow to the appropriately needed size by the time we proceed with plan B. Yes, this is the first time I have mentioned a plan B.
We didn't have an Plan B until just a short time ago when the dr. called and suggested we not do IVF this month and instead do IUI. IUI is now the plan B. It is the practical decision- and we have alot going in our favor-- we have 2 follies which could get lucky and it is the right side- the fallopian tube on the left was possibly blocked and so at least I know that we stand a chance with the right side. The only thing that bothers me alittle is that we have tried this method before and not been lucky with it- and I do dread the 2 week wait time. I guess I was kind of looking forward to the whole petrie dish part of IVF where I would know the fertilization was taking place before I got them back and it was one less thing for me to do.

So the plans changed. Change is good. I was posting to some friends that really all I have to do is find a way to inspire the little soliders to come on up the right tube to meet the follies. Mood music. Frank Sinatra " Come fly with me" or "I've got you under my skin" I am sure the people reading my blog who are not familiar with infertility topics must thing I am bonkers. I realize the mood music is not going to make the sperm march up the fallopian tube and greet my fat follies, but do I really have to serious about this whole process? I don't think it is necessary. Oh, "Ain't no moutain high enough"
Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell- Good One! Any suggestions on mood music to inspire the soliders?


Beagle said...

Good Luck with plan B! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Meg said...

Ellie - I think a sense of humour is intregral to this process, and you seem to be doing a marvelous job. I hope you get some more follie action in the next few days. Good luck with it. Meg xx

ChicagoGirl said...

I'd go with "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" -- a great way to motivate your husband's soldiers as they march towards your eggs! Good luck with "Plan B."

Hopeful Mother said...

Hi Ellie,

Sorry about the "bungled" exit manuever. At least you don't have to think about needles again for the time being. That is definitely a plus.

Sorry that your follies didn't catch up as much as we were hoping. I hope that the IUI works for you this time - that would be so great. I was looking forward to our carpool though. :-)

My vote is for "Come Fly With Me" -- I like Frank Sinatra - and Michael Buble does a nice rendition as well.

Hope you are feeling well! I'll be thinking of you during your 2ww.

GLouise said...

Good luck! I've been there, done that!

I look forward to hearing about your next steps, and hope that the IUI be successful for you.

My song vote is "All the way," I think by Sinatra? Or Nat King Cole possibly.